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PIR motion sensor

Passive infrared (PIR) sensors are straightforward, low cost motion sensors perfect for maker projects!

All objects emit heat in the form of IR radiation. This sensor uses changes in IR radiation to detect motion in front of it up to a range of about 7m, so it's great for rigging up a simple motion detector like a basic security alarm, or for triggering a wildlife camera.

For more info on how PIR sensors work and how to hook them up to your microcontroller, check out this guide for Arduino or this tutorial for Raspberry Pi.


Looking at the bottom of the sensor with the pins at the top, the pins (from left to right) are:

  • GND
  • OUT
  • VCC

If you pop off the white plastic dome, the pins are labelled on the top of the board.


Voltage 4.8 V – 20 V
Current (idle) <50 µA
Logic output 3.3 V / 0 V
Delay time 0.5 s – 200 s, custom up to 10 min
Lock time 2.5 s (default)
Trigger repeat : L = disable , H = enable
Sensing range <120 °, within 7 m
Temperature – 15 ~ +70 °C
Dimension 32 x 24 mm
screw-screw 28 mm, M2
Lens diameter: 23 mm