Pico Stacking Header Pack

A pair of 11mm 1x20 stacking male-female headers for plugging a whole bunch of stuff into your Raspberry Pi Pico.

Using stacking headers means you get both a male and a female set of headers to attach things to. Use one of our Packs or Bases whilst also having a place to plug in jumper cables and other circuitry, very handy for prototyping! They're also a convenient way of equipping a Pico Proto with female headers.

All our add-ons are designed to attach to the back of your Pico, so if you're planning on combining them with these stacking headers (or plugging your Pico into a breadboard) you'll need to make sure the male pins are pointing out of the back (that's the opposite side from the button).

Soldering stacking headers is a little bit more fiddly than the standard kind so if you're new to soldering you might want to pick up ordinary male headers instead.

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Pitch 0.1" / 2.54mm
Male Pin Length 11mm
Female Header Height 8.5mm
Rated current 3A
Contact Material Copper alloy with gold plating