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Piano shield for micro:bit

by Velleman

This piano shield is the ideal musical companion for your micro:bit project!

The shield features 13 touch sensitive piano keys spanning 1 full octave (including sharp/flat keys), a buzzer, and 4 RGB LEDs. It is super easy to connect your micro:bit to the shield, simply slot it into the provided card-edge connector, no screws or wires required!

The shield also breaks out various pins and interfaces to screw connectors and pin headers including power, ground, P2, P8, SPI and I2C bus. Perfect for advanced users who wish to connect additional devices to their micro:bit.


  • 13 touch sensitive piano keys spanning 1 full octave
  • buzzer
  • 4 RGB LEDs (SMD)
  • easy to connect


  • supply voltage: 5 V DC (Micro-USB port) or 3 - 3.3 V DC (external battery pack)
  • control chip: TTP229-LSF capacitive touch controller
  • weight: 30 g
  • dimensions (W x L x H): 124 x 55 x 10 mm