Photosensitive Sensor

by Velleman

Use this light sensor to convert light energy (photons!) into an electrical signal for your next project.

This small module will detect light so you can use it as an input. The sensitivity can easily be adjusted thanks to the on-board potentiometer. This way, the sensor can even detect faint, ambient light. There is also an on-board SMD LED that functions as an indicator, and it has an analog and digital output.


  • adjustable sensitivity using on-board potentiometer
  • both analog and digital output
  • on-board indicator SMD LED


  • supply voltage: 3,3 - 5 V DC
  • interface: analog & digital output
  • sensor type: phototransistor
  • weight: 3,5 g
  • dimensions (W x L x H): 45,0 x 16,5 x 6,8 mm