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Optoisolator - 1 Channel

This is an opto-isolator for controlling large loads of current on a single channel. This 4-pin dip can be used in conjunction with relays, small motors, etc. to allow a simple microcontroller to turn on and off up to 50mA.


Package/Case PDIP-4
Output Type NPN Phototransistor
Number of Channels 1 Channel
If - Forward Current 50 mA
Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage 80 V
Maximum Collector Current 50 mA
Isolation Voltage 5000 Vrms
Maximum Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage 0.2 V
Vf - Forward Voltage 1.4 V
Vr - Reverse Voltage 6 V
Pd - Power Dissipation 200 mW
Minimum Operating Temperature - 50 C
Maximum Operating Temperature + 110 C
Packaging Tube
Height 3.5 mm
Length 4.6 mm
Width 6.5 mm
Mounting Style Through Hole
Current Transfer Ratio 320 %
Fall Time 18 us
Product Type Transistor Output Optocouplers
Rise Time 18 us
Unit Weight 260 mg