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Neon-like RGB LED Strip with Diffuser (aka NeoPixel, WS2812, SK6812)

This individually addressable RGB LED strip is encapsulated in a chunky silicone diffuser which diffuses light sideways for a snazzy neon effect.

It is sold in individual 1m strips with 96 LEDs per metre, with a connector at both ends so you you can easily chain multiple strips together. There's also extra power/ground wires at both ends of each strip so you can inject additional power if you're running long lengths of the stuff. Beneath the silicone, there are solder pads between each LED if you want to chop and splice lengths together.

The silicone casing is opaque white on three sides and translucent on one of the narrow sides, so it's good for using as a glowy edging for things, making nifty signage or incorporating into your Tron-inspired home decor. It's dust and water splash resistant, but it has no water ingress resistance so we wouldn't recommend installing it permanently outside.

We measured the power consumption of these LEDs at around 0.9A p/m (full white) and 0.6A p/m (rainbows).

Here's how to hook it up:

  • Red - 5V
  • Green - data
  • White - ground

The connector with sockets is the data-in end that needs connecting to your microcontroller.


  • 96 RGB LEDs per metre, individually addressable
  • Power: 15W/M
  • Input voltage: 5V DC
  • Water resistance: IP65
  • Length 1m

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