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by Boldport

A touch-sensitive blast from the past. MOSTAP is a 6-key, touch-sensitive keypad soldering kit from Boldport, built around a classic circuit, with a splash Boldport's beautiful PCB style.

At a time when powerful processors are so cheap and much of their functionality is left unused in a typical application, it’s delightful to look back to hobbyist electronics projects from forty years ago, and to admire the optimised design and the skill of those who created them. MOSTAP is a digital version follow-up to Boldport's The TAP.

In the second issue of Elektor magazine in English, February 1975, MOSTAP appeared as an improved — digital vs analogue — version of The TAP. Boldport has re-created it for the enjoyment of those who may appreciate the elegance of the design today. The original article describing the functionality of the circuit is here.

Note: requires through-hole soldering!

Click here for the kit contents and assembly guide

MOSTAP was project #17 of the Boldport Club.