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Micro 360° Continuous Rotation Servo (FS90R)

These continuous rotation servos are ideal when you need very precise degrees of rotation, to build a dial display for example. 

Dimensions: 23.2×12.5×22 mm
Weight: 9g
Operating speed: 110RPM (4.8V) / 130RPM (6V)
Stall torque : 1.3kg.cm/18.09oz.in (4.8V) / 1.5kg.cm/20.86oz.in (6V)
Operating voltage: 4.8-6V
Control system: Analog
Direction: CCW
Operating angle: 360 degrees
Required pulse: 900-2100us
Bearing type: None
Gear type: Plastic
Motor type: Metal
Connecting wire length: 20cm

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Yukon is a standalone controller that can be equipped with up to six interchangeable modules capable of driving high-powered hardware - this is made possible by the unique pin capabilities of Raspberry Pi's multitalented RP2040 chip. This flexibility means you can drive many unique combinations of motors, servos, steppers, speakers, LED strips and more, all from a single Yukon host!