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Matte PLA Filament (1.75mm, 750g) – Moss Grey

by Velleman

Our matte filament reflects less light creating a less shiny finish. It can help to improve the visual quality of 3D prints because  the print lines are less noticeable and the surface is a little rougher.

It's compatible with all common desktop FDM and FFF technology 3D printers and you do not need a heated bed for good results. Check out all features and specs below!

Not all filaments are created equal! Our filament is manufactured to a tight tolerance for consistent diameter, only contains A-grade colourants that will not change in colour or fade over time, and is made from biodegradable materials. In short, it's bio and it's high-quality!


  • Tougher and less brittle than regular PLA
  • Easy to print at low temperature
  • Low tedancy to warp
  • Biodegradable & minimal odour


  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Package: Reel
  • Specific gravity: 1.24g/cc
  • Printing temperature: 180-210°C
  • Impact strength: 7.5 kJ/m²
  • Weight: 750 g
  • Dimensions (reel): Ø 20 x 5.5 cm
  • Guaranteed quality: Click here to read full test report