Maker Essentials - Mini Breadboards & Jumper Jerky

by Pimoroni

Hook up simple circuits and components. The breadboards can hold LEDs and chips, and the Jumper Jerky will connect them to other components and then to your Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Great for prototyping!

Maker Essentials are components and useful bits for everyday electronics and tech projects.

Kit contains

  • 2x mini breadboards
  • 10x short┬ásocket┬áto┬ásocket jumper jerky
  • 10x short pin to socket┬ájumper jerky
  • 10x short pin to pin jumper jerky
  • 10x┬álong┬ásocket to┬ásocket jumper jerky
  • 10x long pin to socket┬ájumper jerky
  • 10x long┬ápin to pin┬ájumper jerky