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Long Micro Metal Gearmotor Bracket (pack of 2)

These 17mm extended brackets can be used to securely mount our micro metal gearmotors to your robotics project.

We use these brackets to mount the motors on our Trilobot, but we thought you might also find them useful in other projects that involve fastening motors to things.

The mounting tabs capture the nuts for easy installation. They have the same hexagonal shape as the nuts and hold them in place, so that you don't have to! The brackets come with a selection of metal fixings to bolt them to your project.

If you need to drill, laser cut or 3D print your own chassis to mount the motors to, the distance between the mounting hole centres is 18mm and the bolt diameters are 2mm. To get the bracket to line up with the edge of your project, you'll want to position the mounting holes 13mm in.

Kit contains

  • 2 x 17mm plastic brackets
  • 5 x M2 6mm metal bolts
  • 5 x M2 8mm metal bolts
  • 5 x M2 metal nuts