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Logic Level Shifter Module

by Velleman

The Whadda logic level shifter module provides 8 logic conversion channels to enable microcontrollers, sensors and modules with different logic level voltages to communicate with each other.

Each channel is fully bidirectional, and is compatible with both open-drain and push-pull logic drivers. The module can be used to convert 3.3 V to 5 V, 1.8-3.3. V and other common logic levels.

It is recommended to pull the Output Enable pin high with a pullup resistor to ensure the outputs are properly enabled. If the different logic level data lines need to be isolated, the Output Enable line can be pulled low. This will put all of the I/O channels in a high-impedance state.


  • 8 bidirectional logic conversion channels
  • compatible with both open-drain and push-pull logic
  • output enable line to isolate low and high level side if desired


  • IC type: TI TXS0108E
  • low-level voltage range: 1,4 - 3,6 V
  • high-level voltage range: 1,65 - 5,5 V
  • dimensions (W x L x H): 22,4 x 26,7 x 12,5 mm