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LiPo Disconnector

by Solder Party

Easily disconnect the LiPo battery from your project without having to bother with the connector. Also can be used for current measurement.

This little board allows you to get inbetween a LiPo battery and a board/device that requires the battery. This way you can easily disconnect the LiPo from the device without having to remove the JST PH connector over and over, all you have to do is remove the jumper! You can also use the header on the Disconnector as a current-measuring point.

The included 100mm JST PH jumper cable has the same polarity on both ends, you can connect it either way.

NOTE: Before connecting the battery, always make sure the polarity is correct.

The included jumper is rated for 3A.

What you get

  • A LiPo Disconnector PCB with two JST PH connectors
  • A 100mm long LiPo jumper cable
  • A 2x1 pin header
  • A jumper with handle

Code and documentation