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LCD Unit 1.14'' 135 × 240 Pixels Display

by M5Stack

Unit LCD is a 1.14 inch color LCD expansion screen unit.

It uses the ST7789V2 drive scheme, the resolution is 135x240, and it supports RGB666 display (262,144 colors).

The internal integration of ESP32-PICO control core (built-in firmware, display development is more convenient), support through I2C (addr: 0x3E) communication interface for control and firmware upgrades.

The back of the screen has a magnetic design, which can easily attach to a metal surface for fixing. The LCD screen extension is suitable for embedding in various instruments or control devices that need to display simple content as a display panel.


  • 1.14 inch color LCD display panel
  • ST7789V2 drive scheme
  • I2C communication interface
  • 135*240 resolution
  • Viewing angle: full viewing angle
  • Magnetic back design
  • Support I2C firmware upgrade


  • 1x Unit LCD
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable


Specification Parameter
Working current 45.7mA
Communication protocol I2C address: 0x3E
Display size 1.14 inch
Pixel pitch 0.1101(H) x 0.1038(V) mm
Resolution 135x240
Viewable Full view
Operating temperature 0°C to 60°C
Net weight 8.5g
Gross weight 20g
Product Size 48x24x8mm
Package Size 67x52x12.5mm
Case material Plastic ( PC )