Waterproof Plastic Enclosure (IP66 rated) – 220mm x 170mm x 110mm

These semi-transparent plastic enclosures are handy for keeping electronics that need to live outside dry - great for nature cameras and greenhouse controllers 🍃

The tops of these boxes are made of clear polycarbonate (good for mounting a camera behind or for keeping an eye on screens or status indicators!) and the bottom halves are made from hardwearing ABS. They're IP66 rated which means they should stand up to dust, moisture and nasty weather (up to and including modest jets of water and 'heavy seas'), but they won't protect against total immersion.

The tops of the small (65 x 95mm) and medium (125 x 125mm) boxes are secured with sturdy plastic screws (which can be operated with a large Philips screwdriver), while the large (220 x 170mm) box has a hinged lid that closes with clips. All the boxes have waterproof seals between the lid and the body of the box.

If you need to route cables in or out of your waterproof enclosure, you could make a hole using a drill or dremel and install a waterproof cable gland!


  • Note that the lid of the medium (125 x 125mm) box will only seal properly if you have it the correct way round, make sure you have the nubbin in the base aligned with the indentation in the lid.
  • The medium (125 x 125mm) and large (220 x 170mm) boxes have 2 x M4 threaded mounting points inside.
  • Internal measurements (L x W x H, approx): 
    • Small - box: 88.6 x 58 x 35mm, lid: 83.8 x 53.8 x 11mm
    • Medium -  box: 117 x 117 x 55mm, lid: 114 x 114 x 17mm
    • Large - box: 202 x 152.5 x 77mm, lid: 200 x 150.5 x 27mm