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Heat-Shrinkable Tube Kit - Multicolour 10cm - 170 pcs

by Velleman

Heat-shrinkable tubing is universally used for the insulation of connections or for the end-handling of electric wire, for the insulation of soldered points on resistors and capacitors, for the identification and encapsulation of electric wire, for the corrosion-proofing of metallic rods or tubes and for the protection of antennas.

Heat-shrinkable tubes are used for the corrosion-proof and waterproof connection of fibre optic cable.


  • contains:
    • Ø1 x 100mm: 60 pcs
    • Ø2 x 100mm: 40 pcs
    • Ø3 x 100mm: 30 pcs
    • Ø4.5 x 100mm: 20 pcs
    • Ø6 x 100mm: 10 pcs
    • Ø9 x 100mm: 10 pcs
  • halogen and dioxine free
  • flame retardant


  • colour: mixed
  • shrinking temperature: 90°C
  • max. temperature: 120°C
  • shrinking ratio: 2:1
  • dielectric strength: at 1 min. 2500VAC - no breakdown