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HDMI 14" Full HD LCD Screen Kit (1920x1080)

A widescreen, full HD (1920x1080), 14" HDMI display that's great for DIY builds like arcade cabinets or pinball tables, or just as a big desktop display.

This kit comes with the display itself, driver board with ribbon cable, and a keypad with cable to control the display. Just supply your own 12V/1A barrel jack (5.5 / 2.5mm, centre-positive) power supply, and an HDMI cable, and you're good to go!

Display features

  • 1920x1080 resolution (16:9)
  • ADS, wide-viewing angle display (170°)
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Contrast ratio: 800:1 (white:black)
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2 (nits)
  • Matte anti-glare finish
  • Outer dimensions: 315.9×197.57x2.85mm
  • Screen area: 309.31×173.99mm
  • Weight: 280g

Display driver board features

  • HDMI input
  • Power socket: 12V/1A barrel jack (5.5 / 2.5mm, centre-positive)
  • Driver board dimensions: 77.5x58x15mm
  • Keypad dimensions: 108x15x9mm