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3 Pin JST-SH Cable (Grow Moisture Sensors) – 1m (Pack of 3)

Flexible white JST-SH cables, ideal for using with our Grow soil moisture sensors. Now available in long (35cm) and extra long (1m) flavours!

These cables have JST-SH three pin connectors on both ends to make it super easy to connect Grow soil moisture sensors to Grow HAT Mini.  If you wanted to connect a Grow moisture sensor to something else (such as an Arduino), you could snip off one of the ends to get at the bare wires.

When the cable is laid flat, both connectors are the same way up (this means pin 1 on one connector is wired to pin 3 on the other connector).


Connectors: JST-SH 3P, socket

Length: 1m or 35cm