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M5Stack GPS Module with Internal & External Antenna (NEO-M8N)

by M5Stack

A stackable NEO-M8N based GPS module for use with M5Stack Core development boards, with a built in ceramic antenna and a 1m external antenna.

The NEO-M8N integrates a 72-channel u-blox M8 GNSS engine that supports multiple GNSS systems ( Beidou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS / QZSS ) and is able to receive 3 GNSS systems simultaneously. It provides high sensitivity and minimal acquisition times while maintaining low system power.

The GPS module communicates with the M5Core board via UART, physically connected via UART2 (GPIO16, GPIO17). 

Note: This module will only be able to pick up a GPS signal outdoors!

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Product Features

  • Operating voltage: 2.7 ~ 3.6
  • Operating temperature: -40 ~ 80 °C
  • Antenna type: built-in ceramic antenna and external antenna
  • external Antenna port: SMA
  • Can receive data from 3 GNSS systems concurrently
  • Horizontal position accuracy: minimum 2.5m
  • GPS module (NEO-M8N) Built-in Flash, so that you can upgrade firmware via u-center-just-for-Windows
  • Supported protocols: NMEA, UBX, RTCM
  • Industry leading -167dBm sensitivity
  • Backward compatibility with NEO‐7 and NEO‐6 series
  • Product Size:54.2mm x 54.2mm x 12.8mm
  • Product weight:43g


  • 1x GPS Module
  • 1x external Antenna(cable length : 1 metre)


  • GPS-based logistics tracking management
  • Driverless car positioning