GPi Case for Raspberry Pi Zero

by Retroflag Tech Ltd.

Level up your Pi Zero into a fully functional Gameboy inspired handheld console, with a snazzy colour screen, a battery compartment and headphone port so you can take it on the go!

The GPi includes some very nifty design features - you get more buttons than the original Gameboy had (including some clever hidden L and R shoulder buttons), so you can play a wider variety of handheld games. The Pi Zero lives in the removable 'games cartridge' and everything connects via Pogo pins, so there's no soldering required to put it together. There are also safe shutdown features available, and a clever locking mechanism to prevent you from unplugging the 'cartridge' while the system is powered on - keeping all your important save data safe!

The system is powered by 3 AA batteries, which should give you around 3 hours of playtime, though that may vary depending on things like screen brightness and volume. You can also power it with a DC power adaptor (not included). It's compatible with Recalbox, Lakka and Batocera software.

Assembly instructions

Software downloads and instructions

SVG drawing


  • Safe Shutdown (scripts are necessary)
  • 3.5mm audio port
  • LED power indicator
  • 2.8 inch IPS screen
  • Pi connects with pogo pins - solderless and effortless to install!
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W, but NOT Zero WH (not included)
  1. POWER switch
  2. DC power input
  3. Brightness
  4. 3.5mm headphone jack
  5. Speaker
  6. Volume

  1. USB port for firmware upgrade
  2. R shoulder button
  3. L shoulder button
  4. Safe Shutdown Switch
  5. Battery pocket


Case dimensions: 135*81*32mm

Weight: 183g

Compatibility: Raspberry Pi ZERO and Raspberry Pi ZERO W (Pi not included)

Screen size: 2.8"

Battery: AA Battery *3


  • GPi CASE
  • Instruction manual