Yukon Modular Project Platform

Gesture recognition sensor module

by Velleman

This sensor is able to detect 9 distinct gestures like up, down, forward, backward, rotating, to use as an input for your project. Check out all gesture possibilities in the features below.

The module has a normal and game mode that can read your gestures at a different speed. The detection distance is 10 cm and the ambient light immunity is <100k lux. This module has a 12C interface that is easy to interface with microcontroller boards.


  • sensor is able to detect 9 distinct gestures:
    • up
    • down
    • left
    • right
    • forwards
    • backwards
    • rotating clockwise
    • rotating anti-clockwise
    • waving
  • I2C interface to easily interface with microcontroller boards


  • supply voltage: 5 V DC
  • working current: 50 mA
  • max. power: 0,5 W
  • detection distance: max. 10 cm
  • gesture speed: 60 °/s - 600 °/s (in normal mode), 60 °/s - 1200 °/s (in game mode)
  • ambient light immunity: < 100k lux
  • I²C communication speed: max. 400 kbit/s
  • working temperature range: -25 - +65 °C
  • interface connector: standard 5-pin pin header
  • dimensions (W x L x H): 35,5 x 20,1 x 7 mm