Fermion: TCS3430 Tristimulus Colour Sensor

by DFRobot

DFRobot TCS3430 XYZ Tristimulus Colour Sensor features advanced digital ambient light sensing (ALS) and CIE 1931 tristimulus colour sensing (XYZ).

Each of the channels has a filter to control its optical response, which allows the device to accurately measure ambient light and sense colour. These measurements are used to calculate chromaticity, illuminance, and colour temperature, all of which are used to support various potential applications.

You can learn more about the CIE 1931-XYZ system here


  • XYZ Tristimulus Filter
  • Capable of ±10% illuminance and correlated colour temperature accuracy
  • Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity
  • Programmable gain and integration time


  • Colour detection
  • Brightness detection
  • White balance detection
  • Colour temperature measurement


  • Power Supply: 3.3V~5V
  • Operating Current: <5mA
  • LED Operating Current: <15mA
  • I2C Address: 0x39
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30℃~85℃
  • Dimension: 22 x 15mm/0.87 x 0.59”



  • Fermion: TCS3430 Tristimulus Colour Sensor (Breakout) x1
  • 2.54-6P Black Single Row Pin Header x1