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Etched Glow-Through Keycap - Zener ESP Waves Design - MX Compatible Switches

by Adafruit

When Adafruit saw the classic "Zener ESP Card" designed keyboard in the awesome CHVRCHES video for the song "How Not To Drown" (ft Robert Smith!) they were smitten. So goth! So esoteric! So they got a small number of these etched-through keycaps with the 5 designs: circle, cross, waves, square and star. You don't have to wear excessive eyeliner to snap these into your mechanical keyboard... but, hey, we'll use any excuse.

This Glow-Through Zener Waves Etched Keycap is made with a translucent/opaque plastic that is etched to create an elegant glow-through effect. Perfect to show your emo-goth-techno-psychic cred on your next mechanical keyboard project.

Snaps onto any Cherry MX or compatible switch. Since the symbol is centered, you'll get a glow whether you have north or south-facing switches. It's R4 profile so will work nicely as a stand-alone key or at the top row of your keyboards.

Note: This product is a single keycap, and key switches are not included!


Single keycap dimensions:

  • Top: 14mm
  • Height: 11.6mm
  • Base: 18mm