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Espruino Pixl.js

by Espruino

A smart LCD with Bluetooth LE. Monitor and control other Bluetooth LE devices, act as a wireless display, create your own smart conference badge, or even just display the status of your code - all while drawing tiny amounts of power.

Pixl.js uses Espruino, so you program it in JavaScript - modify code without rebooting, even debug - completely wirelessly!

Pixl.js's unique design allows you to use the Arduino footprint to interface with a huge array of existing Arduino shields while still using the LCD and buttons. Add Ethernet, WiFi, Motor drivers, even GSM. No soldering required!


  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Espruino JavaScript interpreter pre-installed
  • nRF52832 SoC - 64MHz ARM Cortex M4, 64kB RAM, 512kB Flash
  • 54mm diagonal, 128 x 64 Sunlight readable monochrome display with white backlight
  • 20x GPIO in Arduino footprint (capable of PWM, SPI, I2C, UART, Analog Input)
  • Support for GSM, LTE, WiFi and Ethernet Arduino shields
  • 3v to 16v input range
  • CR2032 battery holder (20 days battery life with LCD on), or Micro USB (power only)
  • 4x 3mm mounting holes
  • 4x Buttons
  • Built in thermometer and battery level sensors
  • NFC tag programmable from JavaScript
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 53mm x 15mm
  • Click here more full technical information

See a list of tutorials for Pixl.js on the main Espruino Website.

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