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Dual Switched Power Output Module for Yukon

by Pimoroni

Deliver two high-power outputs from your Pimoroni Yukon project, with this pair of power switches.

Each switch can be controlled independently to deliver Yukon's input voltage (5 to 17V) directly to what is attached, such as 12V pumps or fans. These outputs are ideal for inductive loads such as solenoids and electromagnets, with their built-in flyback diodes. What's more, these outputs can be PWMed at low frequencies to give variable outputs for slow reacting devices such as heat beds.


  • 2 x SLG55021 gate drivers (datasheet) and FETs (datasheet)
  • Drive 2 x high power outputs*
  • Screw terminals for attaching your outputs
  • Flyback diodes for inductive loads
  • Temperature and power good sensors
  • Fully-assembled (no soldering required)
  • Compatible with Pimoroni Yukon


Pinout and Schematic


  • Measurements: 24mm x 20mm x 13.7mm (L x W x H).
  • * The 18-pin header is officially rated for 6A continuous, but we've been able to run the module outputs at a total of 15A continuous (7.5A per channel) with the module heating up to a reasonable 55 degrees celsius.

About Yukon

Yukon is a high-power modular robotics and engineering platform, built around Raspberry Pi's formidable RP2040 chip. It has slots for attaching interchangeable hardware modules for driving combinations of devices such as motors, servos, steppers, and LED strips, all from one board!

Featuring an XT30 connector, Yukon can be directly powered off 2 to 4 cell LiPo batteries (or any other 5 to 17V source), to deliver up to 15A continuous for your high-power projects. An e-Fuse with switchable output protects the board, along with voltage, current, and temperature sensors that can be monitored by your programs.

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