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Dual Silicone Wire (per metre) – 0.8mm/20 AWG

A 1 metre length of dual red and black wire with flexible silicone coating, perfect for poking power into places.

It's sold by the metre (so you don't have to buy a whole reel if you only need a little bit), and we have it in standard (0.8mm/20 AWG) and chonky (1.6mm/14 AWG) thicknesses to best suit your project's power requirements.

This is cut from the reel, so if you order more than 1m you'll get one contiguous length.


COM2309 COM2308
Inner diameter 0.8mm/20 AWG 1.6mm/14 AWG
Outer diameter 1.8mm 3.5mm
14.2g 56.3g
Length 1m
Temperature Rating -60 to 200°C
Core Stranded Copper
Outer Sheath Silicone
Colour Red and black

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