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Crypto Authentication Unit (ATECC608B)

by M5Stack

UNIT ID is a crypto coprocessor with hardware-based secure key storage, integrated with ATECC608B hardware cryptographic chip, using I2C communication interface.

The chip has a built-in 10Kb EEPROM for storing keys, certificates, data, consumption records and security configurations. The configuration can be locked to prevent changes by restricting access to memory areas

Each ATECC608B comes with a guaranteed unique 72-bit serial number and includes several security features to prevent attacks on the device itself, or logical attacks on data transferred between devices.

Supporting Trust&GO platform (pre-built universal certificate for TLS-based network security authentication, such as: AWS-IoT, Azure, Google and other cloud platforms to verify registration), The internal certificate of the encryption chip can be obtained directly through the tool to complete the automatic registration without private key exposure.

Note: Before using this UNIT, it is recommended to read the ATECC508B datasheet , which only allows configuration prior to locking the chip. If you need to explore the full functionality, it is recommended to purchase multiple UNIT IDs for authentication.

Product Features

  • I2C communication interface
  • Protective cover for extra stability and reliability
  • Protected storage of up to 16 keys, certificates or data
  • Data storage/locking
  • Random number generator
  • Preset certificates and keys
  • 72bit unique serial number


  • 1x Unit ID
  • 1x HY2.0-4P cable


Specifications Parameters
Encryption chip model ATECC608B-TNGTLSU-G
Supported algorithm types ECC-P256 (ECDH and ECDSA), SHA256, AES128-GCM
Number of supported key storage 16
Communication interface I2C, addr: 0x60, bus max speed 1Mbps
Power supply voltage 5V DC
Net Weight 3.2g
Gross Weight 8.3g
Product Dimensions 24 x 24 x 13mm
Package Size 35 x 36 x 18mm