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CoreInk Proto Base

by M5Stack

CoreInk Proto Base is a DIY expansion kit suitable for the CoreInk master control.

When stacking the expansion board, the IO bus on the CoreInk main control will be led out to the PROTO board through the lower PIN pin. You can design and build the circuit according to your own needs.

The package also contains a variety of expansion parts (HY2.0-4P female terminal, 3.96 male/female terminal, DC power terminal, etc.), which can be soldered to the PROTO board, which can add standard specifications to your circuit design.

The hook hole on the back and the LEGO compatible hole design on the corners make it easy for you to embed the finished DIY product into a variety of structures.


  • Compatible with CoreInk
  • Prototype circuit design
  • PROTO board


  • 1x CoreInk Proto Base (face shell + bottom shell)
  • 1x Allen key
  • 3x HY2.0-4P socket terminals (red x1, blue x1, black x1)
  • 4x HT3.96R-4P pins
  • 4x HT3.96R-4P socket
  • 1x HT3.96R-2P pin
  • 1x HT3.96R-2P socket
  • 1x DC-044 socket terminal
  • 4x M2*6 cup head tapping screws
  • 1x PROTO DIP header
  • 3x port block


Specifications Parameters
Net weight 34g
Gross weight 46g
Product size 56 x 40 x 16mm
Package size 83 x 54 x 26mm
Shell material Plastic (PC )