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C-Back HAT with Servo Driver (STM32F0)

by M5Stack

C Back Driver is a steering gear drive board compatible with M5StickC.

It adopts STM32F030F4P6 control scheme, uses I2C communication interface to communicate with M5StickC, and provides 4 sets of PWM steering gear drive interfaces (the drive power of the steering gear is directly connected to the M5StickC

The internal battery can drive general specifications of the steering gear, such as: SG90, etc.). This module leads the I2C bus at the top of StickC and provides an additional GPIO interface through STM32 expansion. It can be used for general logic level and ADC analog signal input reading.

With the LEGO compatible hole design on the back, users can easily integrate this driver board into the LEGO building block structure, which can be used to build controllable structures such as steering gear manipulators.


  • 4x Servo driver
  • Compatible with C/C Plus
  • Interface expansion (GPIO, I2C)


  • 1x C Back Driver
  • 2x Hexagonal screws M2*5
  • 1x Allen key


Specifications Parameters
Communication protocol I2C: 0x38
Working current 15mA
Net weight 9g
Gross weight 13.5g
Product size 23.7 x 49.2 x 21 mm
Package size 42 x 40 x 30 mm