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Breakout Garden to STEMMA QT / Qwiic Adapter

by Pimoroni

This adapter lets you plug a STEMMA QT / Qwiic I2C breakout into a Breakout Garden slot, for ultimate compatibility and ease of prototyping.

We're building up quite the collection of interesting Adafruit and Sparkfun breakouts, and we thought it would be very nice if we could attach these to a Raspberry Pi (or Raspberry Pi Pico) via our convenient, solderless Breakout Garden ecosystem. This adapter will let you attach a STEMMA QT or Qwiic cable to your Breakout Garden, which you can then connect to a I2C breakout with a Qwiic or STEMMA QT port. It contains reverse protection, so if you plug the adaptor in to the Breakout Garden slot the wrong way round nothing bad will happen to your breakout!

Qwiic/STEMMA QT cables are sold separately, you can pick one up here.

Please note that this adaptor will make I2C breakouts from other manufacturers electrically compatible with Breakout Garden but you will still need a software library compatible with your chosen OS and the breakout in question.