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Big Motor + Encoder Module for Yukon

by Pimoroni

Drive a powerful brushed motor (with encoder feedback) at up to 8A continuous from your Pimoroni Yukon project.

Featuring a gate driver with dedicated H-bridge FETs, this module can deliver a surprising amount of power for its size across Yukon's 5 to 17V input voltage range. There is a landing for a header to connect up encoder feedback from your motor. This is left intentionally unpopulated, giving you the choice of 0.1" connector to use.

We used two of these modules (one for each side) and a chunky Dagu Wild Thumper Chassis to build our rugged remote controlled rover!

Motors are sold separately.


  • DRV8706H smart gate driver (datasheet) with external h-bridge FETs (datasheet)
  • Drive one brushed DC motor with encoder feedback
  • 5mm spaced screw terminals for attaching your motor
  • 8A continuous current (12A peak)
  • Current, temperature and fault sensors
  • Fully-assembled
  • Soldering required for use of the encoder
  • Compatible with Pimoroni Yukon


As well as the usual examples we've also added the full code for our remote-controlled rover as one of our showcase examples, to show you what a complete project involving Big Motors might look like.

Pinout and Schematic


  • Measurements: 24mm x 20mm x 15.3mm (L x W x H).
  • This module uses either the RP2040's PWM hardware or PIO to control the motor output, depending on the code used. With PWM, only four modules can be used simultaneously (for a total of 4 dc motors), and they should be placed in Yukon Slots that do not share the same PWMs. PIO does not have this restriction letting all six slots be used (for a total of 6 dc motors), at the cost of using up a PIO state machine.
    • PWM 1A/1B are on Yukon Slots 1 and 5
    • PWM 3A/3B are on Yukon Slots 2 and 6
    • PWM 5A/5B are on Yukon Slot 3 (5A/5B are also on GP26/GP27)
    • PWM 7A/7B are on Yukon Slot 4
  • Each encoder uses a PIO state machine, for a total of six across all Yukon Slots.

About Yukon

Yukon is a high-power modular robotics and engineering platform, built around Raspberry Pi's formidable RP2040 chip. It has slots for attaching interchangeable hardware modules for driving combinations of devices such as motors, servos, steppers, and LED strips, all from one board!

Featuring an XT30 connector, Yukon can be directly powered off 2 to 4 cell LiPo batteries (or any other 5 to 17V source), to deliver up to 15A continuous for your high-power projects. An e-Fuse with switchable output protects the board, along with voltage, current, and temperature sensors that can be monitored by your programs.

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