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Bela Mini Starter Kit

by Bela

The Bela Mini Starter Kit includes everything you need to start creating beautifully responsive interactive projects.

Bela Mini includes all of Bela's most popular features, and is tiny enough to embed almost anywhere. Connect it to your laptop and start exploring, coding and learning with sensors and sound. 

About Bela

Bela is the platform for building beautifully responsive interactive projects with sensors and sound. Bela is used worldwide by thousands of musicians, educators, artists, designers, and makers for musical instruments, interactive art, compelling teaching, responsive sound installations, effects boxes, and much more.

Bela is designed to make high-performance computing accessible for creative people. Connect Bela to a huge number of sensors, program it in your browser in your language of choice, then embed it into your project to add interactivity and sound to your creations.

What’s included

The Bela Mini Starter Kit comes complete with everything you need to get started: Assembled Bela Mini unit (Bela Mini cape + Pocketbeagle), 2 audio adapter cables, a USB cable, and a 16GB SD card flashed with the latest Bela software.

The hardware

Bela Mini's hardware features make it ideal for connecting to sensors and devices, as well as connecting to audio sources and outputs:

  • 2 audio input channels
  • 2 audio output channels
  • 16 digital I/O
  • 8 analog inputs (16-bit)

Bela Mini is small enough to be embedded almost anywhere! Assembled dimensions: 56mm long, 35mm wide, 21mm high.

The software

Plug Bela Mini into your laptop and access the browser-based IDE, and start coding with C++, Pure Data, Supercollider, Csound and more using the dozens of on-board examples covering everything from synthesis to sensors. 

The Bela IDE also features an in-browser oscilloscope for visualising, examining and understanding your sensor signals, and GUI functionality via p5.js so you can create on-screen controls for your Bela system, or control on-screen visuals using Bela's analog data or audio output.