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Bar Graph Display Module (2 Pcs)

by Velleman

This module is ideally suited to display levels of battery charge, water tanks, etc…!

The Whadda bar graph module allows any microcontroller board to easily drive a 10-segment blue LED bar graph. The module uses a TM1651 LED driver chip to drive the individual LED segments, which can be controlled by using only 2 GPIO pins of a microcontroller (such as an Arduino® compatible board). It should be noted that some of the LED-segments are wired together, resulting in 8 different controllable states of the LED bar graph.


  • drive a 10-segment blue LED bar graph
  • controllable by 2 GPIO pins


  • supply voltage: 3,3 - 5 V DC
  • color: blue
  • driver chip : TM1651
  • number of LED segments: 10
  • number of level indicators: 8
  • interface: 2 wire serial