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Audio Side Panel: Add-On for Totem Mini Lab

by Totem

This board focuses attention to the analog audio side of electronics, and contains an enclosed, fully self-sufficient audio generation, visualization and output loop.

Side panels are meant to bring easy access to commonly used components that are difficult to wire on breadboards due to their dimensions, or require additional equipment to operate them. Side panels give a plug and play interface that lets users to concentrate on experiments or learning, rather than spending time solving issues on how to interface with the part.

The Audio Side Panel is designed to use with the Totem Mini Lab

Get more information in the documentation.

Side panel includes:

  • Audio amplifier with speaker — AB class discrete audio amplifier with integrated loudspeaker. Can route amplified audio signal either to the speaker or to external sink via breadboard pins. Capable of outputting up to 1 W of RMS power. Works with 12 V voltage source.
  • LED VU-meter — Audio signal volume unit (VU) with 10 bar LED display. Works in approximately 3dB/step, 30 dB range. Has an integrated sensitivity adjustment potentiometer
  • Function generator — sine or square wave generator capable of outputting up to 1 MHz signals. Amplitude and frequency can be adjusted with integrated potentiometers, signal waveform is selected with jumper connector.

Attaching to the Lab Frame: 

  • The Kit includes all ready-to-use mechanical parts and tools to fix side panel on the Lab frame.
  • Fixes elegantly to the sides.
  • You can easily have several panels attached to your Lab.