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ATOMIC Proto Kit

by M5Stack

A prototyping kit for use with the ATOM development kits, perfect for connecting custom circuits or external hardware.

It can be stacked with ATOM boards directly via the 9 pins on the base. Two blank proto boards with over 60 connections are included, along with a pair of 3.96 4 pin connectors for adding an external power connection.

The case has ventilation holes for heat dissipation and to allow for more accurate readings from sensors, it also allows for a variety of mounting options (including Lego-compatible holes!) - great for constructing a mini controller.

For more information and for help getting started, click here

Product Features

  • Compatible with ATOM
  • Compact form factor
  • DIY Style
  • Built-in Infra-red
  • Open design


  • 1x Proto Board
  • 1x Proto Board(soldered pin/finished product)
  • 1x 4P VH-3.96 Plug + Plug Base
  • 1x 4P 2.0 Pins
  • 1x 5P 2.0 Pins
  • 1x ATOMIC Case
  • 1x M2*3mm Self tapping screw
  • 1x M2*8mm Screw


  • Atom expansion board
  • DIY node controller
  • Peripheral connection


Specification Parameter
External port VH-3.96 4P
Size 47 x 34 x 18mm
Weight 42g
Case material Plastic ( PC )