Aluminium Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W / Zero 2 W

A sleek anodised aluminium case that provides passive cooling to Zero-sized Raspberry Pi boards.

This heatsink case will protect your Raspberry Pi whilst also giving you passive cooling - no need for extra wiring or noisy fans! It's great for situations where you want completely silent cooling, like home media centres, and a perfect match for the new Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W - all that extra power means it can get a little toasty!

It comes with thermal pads to provide thermal contact between the Pi's CPU and the case, and a handy allen key and set of hex bolts to fix the case together.

GPIO access

The case gives you easy access to all the ports, pins, and connectors on your Pi. You can just about get away with plugging in some low profile HATs into to the GPIO directly (that's ones without bulky components on the underside, like the bigger Inky Impressions or a cheeky Blinkt!), but most HATs will require a Booster Header to raise them up over the level of the case. 

Alternatively, the cut out in the case is big enough for a GPIO Ribbon Extension Cable to fit comfortably, so you could use a Black HAT Hack3r or pHAT Stack to connect up your HATs.


  • Anodised aluminium top and bottom case
  • Heatsink fins
  • Thermal pads
  • Hex bolts and allen key included
  • Access to all ports, pins, and connectors
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi¬†Zero, Zero W and Zero 2 W


Unpeel the backing from one of the heatsink pads, and stick it to your Pi's CPU - you'll need to use the smaller pads for a Zero/ Zero W, or the larger ones for a Zero 2 W.

Then unpeel the backing on the other side of the pad, and fit the top and bottom halves of the case in place around your Pi. Fasten them in place with the hex bolts. That's it! 


  • The case is metal and hence conductive, so be careful not to short any components on it, and ensure that your Pi is powered off and unplugged when fitting the case.
  • It may be obvious, but the case will get hot whilst in use!
  • Dimensions: 65¬†x¬†30 x¬†14 mm (approx)