Adafruit SMT Breakout PCB for QFN or TQFP – 44 pin

by Adafruit

Beguiled by a fancy new chip that is only available in a QFP or QFN pinout? This breakout PCB set will make your life much much easier and get you prototyping faster than ever.

One side has a QFP pin out with traces going to two rows of 0.1" spaced holes, the other has QFN. Solder your chip to either side and you're ready to rock on any solderless breadboard. 

  • Each item comes with three PCBs,
  • Each PCB is identical and can support either a 7mm square QFP or 5mm square QFN chip for the 32 pin version and a 10mm square QFP or 7mm square QFN chip for the 44 pin
  • Standard thickness PCBs