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Adafruit Perma-Proto HAT for Pi Mini Kit – No EEPROM

by Adafruit

Design your own Pi HAT, attach custom circuitry and otherwise dress your Pi 3, 2, A+ or B+ with this jaunty prototyping HAT kit.

  • It has a grid of 0.1" prototyping soldering holes for attaching chips, resistors, LED, potentiometers and more.
  • The holes are connected underneath with traces to mimic the solderless breadboards you're familiar with.
  • There are also long power strips for +3V, +5V and Ground connections to the Pi.
  • Near the top we break out nearly every pin you could want to connect to the Pi (#26 didnt quite make the cut).

This is just the basic version of our Perma-Proto HAT. Β It comes with a printed circuit board and a single 2x20 GPIO Header for Raspberry PiΒ to put your Perma-Proto on top of your Raspberry Pi (like a nice little hat...)

Availble in two variants

A bit of light soldering is required to attach the header to the PCB but it's easy work.