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Adafruit MacroPad RP2040 Enclosure + Hardware Add-on Pack

by Adafruit

Dress up your Adafruit Macropad with PaintYourDragon's fabulous decorative silkscreen enclosure and hardware kit.

You get the two custom PCBs that are cut to act as a protective bottom plate and and a mechanically-stabilizing keyboard plate.

Use the included M3 screws to attach the bottom plate - it's symmetric so you can decide which side you'd like to have visible. Stick the rubber feet on the bottom to protect your desk from scratches. Fit the 12 keys you'd like to install into the keyplate, they'll snap in solidly and let you plug in all the keys at once. Finally, fit the D-shaft knob onto the encoder.

Lookin' good and ready to keeb!


  • 1 x Adafruit MacroPad bottom plate
  • 1 x 3x4 Mechanical keyboard plate
  • 1 x D-Shaft Skirted Rubber Knob
  • 4 x M3 5mm machine screw
  • 4 x Rubber feet

Technical Details

Revision History: As of July 28th, 2021, we're shipping with updated silkscreens that features the Digi-Key logo (thanks to their support of ADABOX 019) and we've also turned the back gold plate into a Voyager Etched panel for extra space-ness! Product is otherwise the same

  • 'MacroPad dimensions: 104mm x 59.5mm x 1.5mm
  • 3x4 Grid Dimensions: 78.6mm x 59.7mm x 1.5mm