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Adafruit Bonsai Buckaroo - micro:bit & CLUE Plant Care Helper

by Adafruit

We can’t wait for spring to arrive, and we’re looking forward to caring for some plants!

Adafruit designed this little add-on for micro:bit or CLUE boards – bolt it on with 5 screws to get a buzzer/beeper, motor driver, and breakouts for connecting a soil sensor (two alligator clips + nails work just fine). Simple, but effective!

  • 8mm Buzzer/Speaker on pin P0 - have your plant kit beep when it wants watering, or have it sing a song when its nice and happy.
  • 3V Motor control (on/off) on pin P2 - connect to a water pump to automatically water dry plants
  • Alligator clip pads for pin P1, 3V and GND - connect to two alligator clips and nails to measure soil resistance

Works with micro:bit in Arduino, micropython or MakeCode. For CLUE, you can use CircuitPython or Arduino.

Please note this product does not come with a pump, tubing, alligator clips, nails, CLUE or micro:bit! It's just the control board that attaches to the micro:bit or CLUE!

You'll want to also pick up separately:

  • micro:bit or Adafruit CLUE
  • Horizontal style or vertical style 3V water pump
  • Vinyl tubing - 8mm diameter (also available in any hardware store)
  • Two Crocodile leads
  • Two stainless steel nails (available in any hardware store)


  • Product Dimensions: 52.0mm x 26.0mm x 6.4mm / 2.0" x 1.0" x 0.3"
  • Product Weight: 8.0g / 0.3oz