Adafruit ANO Rotary Navigation Encoder Breakout PCB

by Adafruit

The ANO rotary encoder wheel is a funky user interface element is reminiscent of the original clicking scroll wheel interface on the first iPods.

It's a nifty kit, but the pin-out is a little odd, so Adafruit made a handy breakout board that converts the funky pin set into a straight forward, breadboard-friendly header strip.

This is just the PCB for the ANO encoder, the encoder is NOT included! Pick one up here.

There's no pull-up or pull-down resistors on this PCB, and of course you'll need to solder the encoder onto the breakout. Then use your microcontroller's button and rotary encoder library/hardware support to interface with the pins.

You'll need 7 GPIO total: 5 buttons and 2 rotary encoder pins. There's also two COMmon pins, which you can set to ground or VCC - usually ground so that you can use the microcontroller internal pull-ups for the button/encoders. Note to make their wiring simple, Adafruits example code uses GPIO to the COM's and then sets then to outputs, but you can just wire them directly.


Product Dimensions: 38.0mm x 35.6mm x 1.6mm / 1.5" x 1.4" x 0.1"

Product Weight: 3.9g / 0.1oz