Adafruit 2.13" Monochrome E-Ink Bonnet for Raspberry Pi - THINK INK

by Adafruit

Easy e-paper finally comes to Raspberry Pi, with this bonnet that's designed to make it a breeze to add a 2.13" 250x122 crisp monochromic eInk display.

Chances are you've seen one of those new-fangled 'e-readers' like the Kindle or Nook. They have gigantic electronic paper 'static' displays - that means the image stays on the display even when power is completely disconnected. The image is also high contrast and very daylight readable. It really does look just like printed paper!

The Adafruit 2.13" Monochrome E-Ink Bonnet for Raspberry Pi snaps onto any modern Raspberry Pi and provides a Python-programmable display with two buttons that can be used to select programs or scroll through options.

Adafruit have two fun starter guides to use with this bonnet, an Open Weather display and an event calendar that auto-syncs with a Google Calendar to show you what your next meeting or event is. They also have examples in their E-Ink Python library you can use to craft your own project

Comes completely pre-assembled and tested so you don't need to do anything but plug it in and install the Python code! Works with any Raspberry Pi computer that has a 2x20 connector, such as the Pi B+, Pi 2, Pi 3, Pi 4, and Pi Zero (and any others that have a 2x20 connector!)

On the bottom, there is a Qwiic/STEMMA QT connector for I2C sensors and devices so you can plug and play any of our STEMMA QT devices.


Revision History:

  • As of May 1, 2021 - we are now selling this bonnet with an E-Ink display that uses the SSD1680 chipset as the SSD1675 is discontinued/unavailable. The resolution and size is the same, but firmware/python code will need to be updated to use the SSD1680-driver in our library rather than SSD1675!