8-Angle Unit with Potentiometer

by M5Stack

UNIT 8Angle is an input unit integrating 8 adjustable potentiometers, with an internal STM32F030 microcomputer as acquisition and communication processor

The host computer adopts I2C communication interface, each adjustable potentiometer corresponds to 1 RGB LED light, and there is also a physical toggle switch and its corresponding RGB LED light, containing 5V->3V3 DCDC circuit. The unit can be used for multi-channel absolute control value input, the corresponding RGB lamp can display different states, and the toggle switch can be used for multi-channel switching input. Can be used as a multi-degree-of-freedom robot or an application in music equalization.


  • 8-channel adjustable potentiometer
  • 8 channels correspond to RGB lights
  • I2C communication
  • Toggle switches can be used for multi-channel switching inputs


  • 1x 8Angle Unit
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable(5cm)


  • Multi-degree-of-freedom robot joint control
  • Music equalization control aspects


Resources Parameters
LDO ME6210A33M3G
RGB SK6812-3535
Input voltage 5v
I2C communication address 0x43
Product Size 128mm x 24mm x 22.7mm
Package Size 130mm x 27.7mm x 27.7mm
Product Weight 34.9g
Package Weight 44.3g