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3CX - SBC Kit for Raspberry Pi 4B – UK

by 3CX

3CX Communication System: PBX. Video Conferencing. Live Chat

This 3CX kit contains:

  • A pre-assembled Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB in a swish cooling case + power supply
  • A 32GB SD card with Raspberry Pi OS (previously Raspbian OS) pre-installed.

Here’s what you get with 3CX:

3CX is a fully featured communication system for unlimited users!

  • PBX to make/receive phone calls, call queues and call transfers
  • Plug & play with supported IP phones, SIP trunks, voip apps
  • High-quality integrated video conferencing
  • Work remotely with free smartphone apps for iOS and Android
  • Live chat, WhatsApp integration, and business text messaging
  • Match caller ID with CRM, ERP, and Microsoft 365 integration

Get 3CX absolutely free forever at www.3cx.com.

To install and configure 3CX SBC follow: https://www.3cx.com/docs/installing-pbx-raspberry-pi. You can enable SSH by connecting the micro SD card to a PC, opening the BOOT drive and creating an empty file named "ssh" with no file extension.