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3 in 1 Camera Lens Set

Wide-angle, fish-eye, and macro, this lens set has it all. It's the perfect accessory for your Raspberry Pi camera module (or phone!).

This lens kit means that you can use your camera module in many exciting ways:

  • Wide-angle lens: Ideal for capturing those landscape shots/night sky time-lapses
  • Macro: Beautiful close-up images of anything from insects to circuit boards
  • Fish-eye: Security systems and crazy 180° FOV shots

Each lens screws into the clip which fits perfectly onto your camera module. Sandy has put together a nice introduction article with more information about using these lenses with your Raspberry Pi!

Macro shot of circuit board.

Photograph of our Skywriter HAT's circuitry taken with the macro lens.

Please note: It might look like you only have two lenses inside the box. Don't be fooledthe macro lens comes screwed onto the bottom of the fish-eye lens!