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2.8 Inch Touch Screen For Uno/Mega Development Board

by Velleman

A colour 240 x 320 touchscreen with presoldered headers so you can plug it straight into your Arduino Uno or Mega.


  • resolution: 240 RGB (H) x 320 (V)
  • display driver: ILI9341 V0.7
  • colour depth: 262 000 colours
  • system interface:
    • 8-bits, 9-bits, 16-bits, 18-bits interface with 8080-I /8080-II series MCU
    • 6-bits, 16-bits, 18-bits RGB interface with graphic controller
    • 3-line / 4-line serial interface
  • display mode:
    • full colour mode (idle mode OFF): 262 000 colour (selectable colour depth mode by software)
    • reduced colour mode (idle mode ON): 8-colour
  • operating temperature: -40 °F to + 185°F (-40 °C to +85 °C)



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