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15mm Diameter Linear Bearing Pillow Block – Standard

by Adafruit

Make your robot or CNC move on 15mm Supported Slide Rail with this sliding ball-bearing platform.

The slider is 60mm x 35mm for the standard and 60mm x 47mm for the wider version. Both have four holes tapped for M4 machine screws so you can attach pretty much anything you want. This slider has a plastic interior with circulating ball bearings to make it slide smoothly along the railing.

The platform won't come off the railing once attached. It's also fairly well supported due to the T-shaped rail, so for ~5 lb loads you can probably get away with just one rail. Often times, CNC projects will have two of these on opposite sides of the machine body to support a larger platform. You can also have some other support mechanism of your own devising.

Comes as a single bearing platform.

Do not try to attach onto the railing without the plastic insert! The insert keeps the ball bearings in while you fit the slider on. See the photos for more details on how to do this! If you lose a ball bearing or two, it'll still work but its best to keep them all in!



  • 60mm x 33mm / 2.3" x 1.3" - Standard
  • 60mm x 47mm / 2.3" x 1.9" - Wide version
  • Inner Diameter: 15mm / 0.6"
  • Screw holes are 26mm x 26mm apart / 1" x 1" - Standard
  • Screw holes are 34mm x 26mm apart / 1.3" x 1" - Wide version
  • Weight: 194g