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1515 Aluminium Profile – 50mm (12pcs)

by M5Stack

Lightweight yet robust aluminium profiles, in a variety of lengths - perfect for building sturdy enclosures and mounts!

These extruded aluminium profiles are commonly used in industrial automation for building frames for moving parts on assembly lines. They're strong, light, and inexpensive so we think they would also be useful as the framework of a variety of maker projects, like custom 3D printers or CNC machines, a robot chassis or even a mini lighting rig?

We also stock a variety of different connectors that will let you join these profiles together (and take them apart again!) - click the extras tab to view them all.

Please note that these profiles have about 10mm of M4 screw thread at each end for attaching connectors, but they're not tapped all the way through.  If you cut lengths of profile into shorter sections, you may need to tap a new thread (check out this adjustable tap set!)

Product Features

  • 15mm x 15mm