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Worldwide Distributors

    Distributor map

    We're very lucky to have some excellent distributors offering original Pimoroni wares around the globe. If you're based outside of the UK then they may be able to offer you our products with cheaper or faster shipping than buying direct from us.

    Not every distributor carries all of our products but if you ask them nicely they might add something to their range!

    Of course whether you buy a Pimoroni product direct from us or from one our friends around the globe we'll be happy to support it.

    No distributors in your area?

    If you know of a local business who could be a reseller for our products where you live then please pass on our details.

    Want to become a distributor?

    If you're happy to make orders with a minimum value of £1,000 then we can probably arrange a reseller account for you with credit terms. You can pay up front or on invoice and will have a dedicated contact to support your ordering and billing. Visit our wholesale store to apply for a distributor account.