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Add light to your latest project with the Kitronik ZIP Arc. Each Arc has individually addressable RGB LED's which can be coded with the PXT Editor.

Each LED can be controlled independently and all LEDs are connected using the same three wire bus. You can connect four ZIP Arcs together to form a circle that would then contain 60 individually addressable RGB LEDs for the large version or 48 for the medium

Each LED can produce a full spectrum of colours independent to all of the other LEDs on the bus. Each ZIP LED has a Red, Green and Blue element within the LED, and each of these can achieve 256 levels of brightness. This results in 16,777,216 possible output colours. Multiple ZIP LEDs can be connected to produce longer strings/strips.

The LEDs used are based on the WS2812B part which is compatible with Adafruit NeoPixel and other WS2812B driver code. They can also be coded in the PXT Block/Javascript editor with the NeoPixels blocks.


  • Simple 3 wire connection for all LEDs.
  • Compatible with any WS2812B driver code.
  • They can be coded with the Microsoft PXT Editor for the BBC microbit.
  • Integrated reset circuit.
  • You can connect four ZIP Arcs together to form a circle as long as you don't mix sizes!


Medium Large
Length 69.6mm 102.8mm.
Width 10.2mm 10.2mm.
Height 3mm 3mm
PCB Height 1.5mm 1.5mm
Inner Radius 49.2mm 62.5mm
Outer Radius 59.4mm 72.7mm
Datasheet Datasheet